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Crow House Projects are now casting for their new short film, “THE BURKIN’ HOOSE”, funded by Aberdeen City Council. Please be aware that this is a project that we intend to embrace the North-East dialect of Doric for the majority of roles.

Moir (Lead)(Male) (North-East dialect – Soft Doric) – Role Age 35 – 55

Cullen (Supporting) (Male) (Doric) – Role Age 25 – 40

Broad (Supporting) (Male) (Doric) – Role Age 25 – 40

Mr. Brown (Supporting) (Male) (Doric) – Role Age 40 – 60

Mrs. Cowie (Supporting) (Female) (Doric) – Role Age 30 – 40

Agnes (Supporting) (Female) Role Age 35 – 55
Open Roles for anyone to be involved.

Medical Students – Role Age 17 – 23

Background Cast (Male and Female) – All Ages.

Child Thieves (Male and Female) – Roles Age – 6 – 1O

For those who wish to audition, please email – and our casting director will be in touch. In the email, please include the role you wish to audition for and your time of availability for the days of auditions. The auditions will be held in 10 minute increments per audition. 


All expenses and food will be compensated, however these will be unpaid roles.


Why are these unpaid roles?

Crow House Projects is a non-profit community interest company focused on building a film making network in the North-East of Scotland.  We offer industry standard hands-on experience in filmmaking and the chance to collaborate and work alongside professionals in the art of filmmaking.  We aim to mentor local talent to make high quality film productions, giving guidance, equipment and budget to our participants. We received council funding to run free workshops on film making and to produce a short historical film. All funding for the workshops and film has been allocated to equipment hire, wardrobe, set design, insurance and catering for cast and crew. All roles are voluntary and unpaid, including cast, crew, set designers, and production team.  If we paid one person, we would have to pay everyone and our budget would be completely gone as there are currently over 50 volunteers involved.



The film is based on true events and explores the fragile subject of the anatomist doctors and body snatching in Aberdeen 1830’s. Like the filmmakers’ last work, it is being made for distribution across a world-wide festival circuit. It will also be cast and crewed almost entirely by local talent to showcase the skills in the North-East. The first round of auditions will be held on the 13th and 14th of February, 5-10pm, in Aberdeen’s city centre. The production dates will be end of March / early April.

The 'Burkin Hoose
Short Film
Set in Aberdeen 1831 following the tales of anatomist Dr. Andrew Moir




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