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Music Video – Don’t Get Mad Get Even
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Don't Get Mad, Get Even

Man wins Boss’s Number 1 Girl, but not without her help.


The 3rd in our series of Music Videos for The Little Kicks. This was our first project produced entirely by our participants, and what a great start! We’d like to thank all the extremely talented cast and crew that took part in this project, and look forward to working with them all again. The video was entirely filmed in Redemption Aberdeen – unfortunately now permanently closed, however we’d like to thank the staff and management for giving us the time to shoot!

Here’s what some of the crew had to say about their experiences shooting this project:

Director Jodie McHattie,

At first taking the on the roles as Director and Script writer, it was unbelievably surreal.

I never thought id ever gain an experience like so, that would then have my vision, and creativity be brought to life. We definitely hit some obstacles, but it never stopped us from getting the job done.

I had the enjoyment and privilege to work with a talented cast and crew, and without their determination and passion, we would never of accomplished an outstanding music video


Producer Stewart Buchanan,

I really enjoyed my experience working on the music video, it was my first time producing such a huge production, it was nerve-racking to say the least but was worth every minute.

I never thought that, not even after college, I would be involved with such an amazing opportunity and to be given the freedom of creating it from scratch was incredible, but it’s all thanks to Crow House for giving us all the opportunity to show off our creative skill-set for the industry we are all itching to get started in, and hopefully this will be just the beginning.

For this project the venues fog machine was taken advantage of – Director of Photography Jakub Sirkowski said,

Too much haze is much better than no haze at all!


The story see’s a man down to his last couple pounds, is drunk and lonely in a bar. When a beautiful girl begins to socialise with him. But to what he doesn’t know, he is exchanging friendly words to the Boss’s number one girl, and is far from impressed. Within the moment she is pulled away from the man, leaving him alone. In rage, he storms after the girl, following them into a poker. The man joins the game, in the hopes of winning the final cash, and the girl.

Down to the last hand between him and the boss. Luck has been in his favour and they both go all in, but he hasn’t got a winning hand, until the girl slips him a winning card, thus him winning, taking the girl and leaving the jealous boss outraged.


  • Director
    Jodie McHattie/
  • Producer
    Stewart Buchanan/
  • Director of Photography
    Jakub Sirkowski/
  • Written by
    Jodie McHattie/ Stewart Buchanan/
  • Chuck
    Scott Kieth/
  • Clint (Boss)
    Russel Dudley/
  • Kamila (VIP Waitress)
    Angelika Gowor/
  • Al (Boss)
    Ciaran Drysder/
  • Dan (Bodyguard)
    Antoni McMillian/
  • Dealer
    Ray Watt/
  • Waitresses
    Racheal Morrison/ Sasha Fraser/ Tamara Scherwitzel/
  • Bar Extras
    Michelle Gray/ Eden Brown/ Eilidh Brown/ Heather Stewart/ Liam Christie/ Jack Elvey/
  • Camera Operation
    Mark Kirby-Smith/
  • Lighting
    Matthew Wendes/ Sam Forsyth/ Scott Howarth/
  • Runners
    Sam Forsyth/ Scott Howarth/
  • Editing
    Jamie Sundance/ Jakub Sirkowski/