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Music Video – You and someone like me
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The official music video for “You & someone like me” by The Little Kicks

This project was a collaboration with The Robert Gordon’s University, shot in their state of the art motion capture facility. The single has gone on to win Radio Scotland’s single of the week.

The project used motion capture to record the movements and performances from the band members themselves. This data was then used to animate 3D skeletons.

Director Jamie Sundance has this to say about the project,

“It was a bit of a learning experience having only used motion capture once or twice. I certainly under estimated the amount of work that would be required to make use of the data. Overall it was a great experience for myself and the band. It always helps when you’re a fan of the music.”

4th year student Sophie Taylor from RGU was given the opportunity to be involved, all the great photos shown from the recording were taken by her. She had this to say about the project,

“It was great to be involved in this project with Jamie and The Little Kicks. I’d never worked with motion capture before so it was a really interesting, educational shoot with a lovely bunch of people and some excellent music!”

Crow House is set to produce another three videos for the Little Kicks coming in the next few months working alongside North East film students.