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The Anatomist
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The Anatomist
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A true story that tells the tale of Dr. Andrew Moir, an Aberdeen anatomist in the early 19th century.

“The Anatomist” is a short film (formerly known as “The ‘Burkin Hoose”) that tells the true story of the early 19th century Aberdeen anatomist “dirty, clever Dr. Andrew Moir”.  Not long after the capture of the notorious Burke and Hare in Edinburgh, at a time when anatomist doctors and their science were frowned upon, the film gives insight in Moir working alongside local body-snatchers in an desperate effort to better his medicine.

Funded by Aberdeen City Council, The Burkin Hoose is the first major short film project for Crow House and it aims to lay the foundations and highlight the quality that this storytelling community interest company hope to produce.

The project will be casted and crewed almost entirely by local north-east talent that Crow House have previously mentored and worked with.  The aim – to showcase true north-east culture and it’s talent on a world-wide festival circuit with our Crow House participants each receiving experience and credits in their chosen roles.

To be directed by local multi-award-winning director, Nicci Thompson, who co-wrote the script with Aberdeen born ex-BBC writer Conan D’Agostino.  Producing the project are other local multi-award-winning filmmakers Jamie Sundance, Rory Holwerda and Daniel Cowie.  Flying in from Los Angeles to frame the project and work with the Crow House participants is cinematographer Antonio Cisneros, renown for his work on televised feature films from around the world.  Making the sets look like they are from 1831, is London trained, Aberdeen-born art director, Sophia Crichton.

We are currently in pre-production with this project and are down for a production date of late March, early April.